Le Q

Cafe & bar


Located on Queens Road Central next to The Centre, PMDC was tasked to transform this tired 60 year old tennement block into a hip and trendy F&B complex.

The 6 storey building dating back to 1960s was owned by the Client's family for generations as a rental investment property. The Client, who is an avid epicurean and a wine connoisseur decided to revitalize the property with a vision to convert it into a top-class eatery and watering hole under 1 roof in one of the most prime locations of Hong Kong.

PMDC was commissioned to refurbish the whole property where almost everything but the building structure was gutted and reconfigured to create a brand new look with each floor catered to a different purpose; including the GF bar, 1F wine and cheese shop, 2F - 4F restaurant, 5F private cooking space and the 6F rooftop bar area.

PMDC was also in charge of all of its branding and graphic design, including the design of the logo, menu, uniform, products, packaging etc.



F&B, whole building refurbishment


Queens Road Central, Hong Kong




1/F, Draco Industrial Building, 46 Lai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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