Xue Jiaba

Private cigar club

Xue Jiaba is an exclusive private cigar and whiskey club occupying the top 2 floors of a commercial building in between Admiralty and Wan Chai.

This invite only institute required the highest level of finishing and workmanship which is evident throughout the fitting-out of the space.

As PMDC was in charge of the branding, the brand identity is incorporated through the interior design detailing, such as the hexagon themed custom-designed screens, the embedded brass logos on the floor with floor lighting leading from one space to another, as well as the ceiling features reflecting that also act as a ventilator for cigar smoking.

PMDC also created a bespoke circular automated cigar locker room, inspired by beehives where each locker is hexagon with a curved piece of one-way mirror glass that only lights up and shows its contents when activated by an electronic card.

Next door is a temperature controlled wine and whiskey room with custom acrylic shelves lit up from the wall displaying the Client's and member's precious collections.

PMDC was in charge of its interior, graphic and branding design.

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Private clubhouse


Wan Chai, Hong Kong